10 best treatments for dry face, flaky skin-and how to stop it first

10 best treatments for dry face, flaky skin-and how to stop it first

10 best treatments for dry face, flaky skin-and how to stop it first

There is nothing worse than making the skin dry, itchy, or itchy, or cracked (in terms of beauty!). Not only can it make the skin moisturizing unattractive, it can even make your face look older than the actual age, and it is difficult to make up, but it can also make you feel pain and itching, and make your skin color vulnerable to other difficulties, such as Sensitivity and redness.

We asked top skin experts, such as physicians and scientists from the Good Housekeeping Institute beauty laboratory, to get the best information about the causes and treatment of dry skin on the face.

What causes dry spots and dry, dry, flaky skin on the face?

From the environment and the weather to specific products and skin conditions, here is a list of possible offenders. Dr. Jeanine Downie, a dermatologist and dermatologist at Montclair, New Jersey, said: “Less skin moisture can cause darker skin tone and increase wrinkles, and it is more likely to appear in winter.”

“Due to the lack of humidity in the environment, cold and windy conditions may dehydrate your face, and the cause of dryness may also be irritating products, which deprive people of natural oils, such as alcohol, astringents and strong acids.” Other possible factors that promote facial skin dryness include excessive cleansing or exfoliation, which may also deplete the skin ’s oils, as well as skin and health conditions that cause dehydration of the skin, such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, and diabetes.

Treatment of dry facial skin

By changing a very small lifestyle and choosing the ideal skin care product, you can quickly eliminate the flaky spots on your face and can make the skin dry. This is a technique approved by dermatologists and experts to quickly whiten skin:

1. Get cream or lotion.

According to GH Beauty Labs ’test,“ Birnur Aral, Director of GH Beauty Labs, pointed out that “face cleansers and creams are usually more likely to peel off than oils, serums and other formulas, and they may increase the moisture of the skin within a few hours. “Salty products containing” humectants that can effectively bind or remain on the water, such as glycerin and lactic acid “, and products that” help to repair the skin barrier, such as nicotinamide and ceramide. “

Our best choice is the “Good Housekeeping Seal” star magnolia oil regenerating gel micro-styling cream. In our tests, it increased moisture by 50% in 24 hours, even more than any other facial skin care product evaluated by the laboratory.

2. Frequent moisturizing.

Dr. Downey said: “The best way to supplement skin care is to use a topical facial cleanser (as above) in the morning and evening.” Consistency is the key: moisturizing the skin twice a day (not just feeling or seeing dry symptoms once) will keep Healthy and long-lasting skin, and prevent dehydration of the skin in the first place.

3. And proper  moisturizing  .

To help restore dehydrated skin quickly, use a facial cleanser coating on any other skin care products such as potions or serums. Massage the moisturizing cream in a circular motion. Dr. Ava Shamban, a dermatologist in Los Angeles, said: “This procedure helps to moisturize ingredients deeper into rough spots and dry lines, which immediately produces a plump effect.

4. Give lips extra moisture

5. Use a mild facial cleanser

Your lips may be the driest place because they have less epidermal protection. Every time you moisturize your face throughout the day and morning (if needed), you should use herbs or lip balm, because drinking and drinking can remove the item.

The most effective formula mixes moisturizing ingredients (eg, vegetable oils such as sunflower oil and castor oil, and emollients such as squalane and triglycerides) and occlusive ingredients (eg, petroleum jelly, beeswax, or vegetable wax and shea butter and Cocoa butter). Aral clarified that it is also a protective barrier that locks in nutrition and moisture. Kiehl’s Lip Balm # 1 selected by GH Beauty Lab contains moisturizing squalane and occlusive Vaseline.

Do not grab any soap: some pliers may over-cleanse the skin. New York City dermatologist Whitney Bowie , author of “Dirty Skin Attraction,” said: “A sulfate and soap-free cleanser, especially for facials, will achieve a pH-balanced and gentle, To maintain the skin ’s barrier without peeling  . ”

For dry skin around the face, please choose. Cetaphil Daily facial cleanser stands out in the facial cleanser test at GH Beauty Lab. This product produces a soft and hydrated skin feel and helps remove dirt and cosmetics without depriving oily skin or making the skin feel fully dehydrated.

6. Lower the heat when washing your face

Dr. Bowe said that hot water and steam water may be surprising, but it may break the obstruction and cause damage to the skin, which may cause allergies. Sabina Wizemann, senior chemist at GH Beauty Lab, said: “For the most durable cleaning, make sure to heat the water and check with your fingers.” According to Dr. Tess Mauricio, a dermatologist in San Diego, you may even try to wash your face at night to avoid dehydration , And only rinse with water during the day.

7. Exfoliate to be smart

Although you might think that this is a way to get rid of dry, flaky flakes, peeling or washing your rough face is still an enemy of burns, because it may damage the skin’s moisture barrier and remove its natural makeup remover oil. Avoid using strong acids such as salt and sugar.

Conversely, if your head skin is dry, you can try a mild facial cleanser formula containing lactic acid or fatty acids, or use round jojoba oil beads to wash your face, these will not make the skin more rough. GH Beauty Lab test champion No7 Radiant Results The exciting daily facial cream is stuffed with nourishing ingredients to gently remove dead skin without further aggravation. GH Beauty Lab recommends that you must limit the use of exfoliants once a week to prevent skin loss.

8. Invest in a humidifier

Dr. Downey suggested: “I suggest that my patients use loofah to increase the moisture content of the skin while sleeping.” It can resist dry skin and make the skin dry.

9. Deep treatment of flaky spots

A night-use technique of the GH attraction editor, which can treat dry skin: seal the lotion with a thick ointment or an ointment that can be used in the face area, such as Aquaphor with a good housekeeping seal. It acts as a lock when you fall asleep, allowing you to wake up softer, smoother and chapped moisture, moisturizing skin care ingredients and moisture in the skin.

If you stay outdoors for a long time in the cold and cold winters, the balm acts like a “coat” on your face, isolating any bare skin from these elements, and preventing skin cracking or inflammation.

10. Hydration!

The skin goes from the inside out. Dr. Downey said: “Drinking enough water will definitely improve skin hydration.” “The daily goal is to drink eight glasses or sixty-four ounces of liquid water (or other carbonated drinks such as tea, coffee, flavoring or soda water).”

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