5 ways to reduce food consumption in 2020

5 ways to reduce food consumption in 2020

5 ways to reduce food consumption in 2020

Learn simple tips and discover new habits, by the end of this year you will reduce your spending on household food

This is true in almost all Brazilian households: a large part of the family budget is used for food expenses. There is nothing wrong with eating, one of the best things in life, but it does not matter if you want to put your hand on the brake and save a little bit of the year, this is just the beginning.

How to save money in the supermarket? Only on certain dates

Building a market on the market for just a day and a week is a measure that can help save money. This is because, if only once a week, you may make a list, remember nothing, and eventually buy less excess products. At this moment, other techniques are also very valuable, such as never being hungry or not having children for budget.

Discover new recipes with food skins at TudoGostoso

If you want to really save food in 2020, you need to be willing to develop new habits. One of them may be to pay more attention to the beneficial parts of the food, but because we do n’t know how to enjoy it, we discarded it. it. Banana peel can turn into a delicious cake, pineapple peel can turn into a dessert, and watermelon peel can even be made into a salpicão recipe. By creating new recipes that can be discarded, you will need to reduce purchases in the market. All these recipes you find in TudoGostoso are very easy to make.

Use the oven to bake a few recipes at once

Electricity, water and gas costs are also part of your food expenses, so it is worth paying more attention to these costs. Simple changes, such as keeping the faucet free of dripping water, always turning off the light when leaving, and really enjoying the oven time will make a difference at the end of the month. Do you want to roast chicken? Plan to put together the cakes to be baked on the weekend. If all the grid space is occupied, you will not need to light the oven again, which will save more money into your account.

Be careful when storing, do not lose any food

Who wouldn’t throw out onions because they dried in the refrigerator, or because let them be soft, let’s not eat lettuce until the onions haven’t been thrown out? All of this leads to an increase in food spending, because next week you need to buy the same food again in the market. By placing food in closed jars and bags in the refrigerator, the food is kept longer. As for vegetables, remember to dry them thoroughly and store them with paper towels to prevent moisture.

Set up a vegetarian day at home

This tip is controversial, but it may be a very sensible move in the domestic economy. Meat often constitutes the most expensive part of the market, so why take a break from time to time? There are many good choices, such as chickpea hamburgers, vegetable salad dressings and many other recipes that will not make anyone notice that there is meat that day.

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