Samsung Galaxy S10+ Custom ROM 9.0 Project Pixel 1.0

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Custom ROM 9.0 Project Pixel 1.0

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Project Pixel 1.0 Custom ROM 9.0 [SM-G975F]

What is Project Pixel?

S10+ Custom ROM developed by Project Pixel and is a small team of developers that work on porting most, if not all of the Google Pixel features to stock firmwares.
We mostly specialize in Stock Samsung Firmwares, although we may do work on ports of OneUi once in a while. Our objective is to deliver the best performance by using stock firmware whilst also improving upon it by debloating and tweaking whilst also giving you all the features of a Pixel device.

S10+ Custom ROM Pixel Pie 1.0 Feature List:

1. AdAway
2. Deep Debloat and DeKnoxed (Apps, permissions, framework, unnecessary features-stripped and removed)
3. Dolby Atmos with Correct Tuning and Gain (Main Speaker has most power and Earpiece just adds detail and treble)
4. Eleven Music (Lineage OS 15.1)
5. Files GO (File Manager)
6. GCam (Note: GCam might not work on all devices, because of hardware compatibility) Version is 6.0
7. Google Calculator
8. Google Calendar
9. Google Chrome
10. Google Clock
11. Google Contacts
12. Google Keep (With Handwriting Libs)
13. Google Lens (Works within Google Photos and Recents in Pixel Launcher)
14. Google Messages
15. GPay (Working Payment Method along with NFC functionality)
16. Google Phone
17. Google Pie Emojis (Not Samsung Ones)
18. Google Play Games
19. Google Tasks
20. GBoard
21. Mtweaks (Has Hardware Control – Similar to Kernel Adiutor but more tailored to Exynos)
22. Pixel Fonts
23. Pixel 3 Boot Animation
24. Pixel 3 Live Wallpapers with Normal Wallpapers
25. Pixel Google Photos (Free Original Quality Storage)
26. Pixel Module V1 – Pixel Animations, framework and configs.
27. Pixel Launcher with new recent menu
28. Pixel Sounds
29. Samsung Digital Wellbeing
30. Samsung App Lock
31. Samsung Gallery (Stripped Down and lightened to improve performance)
32. Samsung’s Stock Camera with HDR parameter changes, debloated and additional video modes (4k30 at HDR- Not Fully Tested)
33. SystemUI Tuner (Provides battery stats along with other useful customiztions – Check QS icons and add it to QS Panel to view)
34. VoLTE Supported
35. YouTube Vanced (Ad-free Youtube)


S10+ Custom ROM initial release

S10+ Custom ROM Bugs:



1. To view Battery Stats and Storage, pull down the Quick Settings Panel and on the top right click the three bubbles button and then Button Order. Then move the new Battery and Storage icon to the Quick Settings.

2. Make sure you set Google Phone as your default phone app. Go-to Settings/Apps. Click the three dots in the top right corner. Then click default apps. Then Calling App and select Phone.

3. After first boot, reboot your device once to ensure dalvik optimization.

How to Install S10+ Custom ROM:

  1. As the S10+ Custom ROM zip doesn’t contain any kernel, is mandatory to have the linked TWRP installed. (Please flash the correct ones)
  2. For people coming from other ROM than stock, please do a clean flash
  3. Copy the ROM zip to your phone
  4. Boot in TWRP and flash the ROM zip
  5. After flashing the ROM zip, goto Reboot –> Recovery
  6. Wait for the boot up (5-7 minutes) and setup your ROM to your liking.
  7. Don’t try to update magisk or you’ll get a bootloop. If you just tried and got bootloop, reflash the twrp patched with stable 19.3 magisk (link above).


TWRP Link:  Download From Here

ROM Link: Download From Here

Magisk Link: Here


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